Tech Mash-up "Streamlining Success: Navigating Process Optimization with Automation"

Tuesday, Jun 11, 2024 at 4:30PM

The Fire Hall Event Venue

Join us In Brandon for an IN-PERSON event where we delve into the world of process optimization through automation. From unraveling the essence of automation to embracing change management, this event is your gateway to a future of efficiency and innovation.

We will cover:

🔍 Understanding Automation: To kick off, we'll unravel the essence of automation—its nature, implications, and potential to revolutionize industries.

📊 Deep Analysis: Pinpoint the critical areas and pain points hindering efficiency in your processes. By dissecting these pain points, we can provide effective solutions.

🚀 Navigating to the Future State: Discover the roadmap to your organization's future state through automation. Explore where automation is most needed and how it can drive transformative change.

💼 Working with Microsoft Power Platform: Unlock the potential of Microsoft Power Platform as we demonstrate how you can leverage this powerful tool to streamline processes and boost productivity.

⚠️Exploring the Downsides: Explore automation's potential downsides to gain clarity on navigating its challenges. We candidly discuss fears of job displacement and debunk myths.

💡 Change Management Essentials: Implementing automation requires more than technological prowess—it demands effective change management. Uncover strategies to integrate automation while mitigating resistance seamlessly.

Key takeaways:

Digital transformation will be key to business growth
Automation can save time, money, and headache
Automation allows businesses to focus on growth
We offer customized solution to meet your needs
We will handle a smooth transition and training

Meet the Presenter:

Adam Van Schijndel

Focus Forward

Adam van Schijndel is a seasoned professional with a strong track record in leading projects across Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing, Logistics Management, and Higher Education sectors. With expertise in lean continuous improvement practices, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and change management, Adam brings a unique blend of technical skills and strategic vision to every endeavour.

Adam's dedication to delivering optimal results and exceptional communication and leadership abilities have consistently driven successful outcomes in diverse project environments. His commitment to excellence and continuous learning underscores his role as a trusted leader and innovator.

Focused Forward is a consultancy specializing in process improvement, change management, and strategic solutions. We empower organizations to navigate challenges and achieve growth through personalized strategies. With expertise in lean methodologies, RPA, and project management, we drive tangible results and help businesses thrive in today's dynamic landscape. Connect with us to unlock your organization's full potential.


The Fire Hall Event Venue, 637 Princess Ave, Brandon, Manitoba

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